Let’s be nice to ourselves

If, like me, you have suffered from one or more anxiety disorders, then this excellent webpage from Robert Jackson explains what you, I or anyone else can do about it – whatever your state of religious belief or non-belief. I love the quotes. If you have ever experienced bad feelings such as the ones listed below (and honestly, who hasn’t?) and they are getting the better of you then I strongly recommend you read Robert’s Bad Habits of Mind website.

  • Guiltiness; regret; fear; turning away; avoiding; self-doubt; insecurity; nervousness; nervous habits; self-blame; hostility; hatred; anger from abuse; intrusive, unwanted memories; insulted; rejected; humiliated; alienated; lacking support; failure relating with other people; depression; despair

If the DIY therapy above is not enough and you live in or around Toulouse then why not get in touch with James Wilson? He’s a qualified cognitive behavioural therapist. Apparently scientific studies have demonstrated the efficacy of this treatment.

Whilst one should never look directly at the sun without the correct apparatus, the website Sun Gazing is one that could quite possibly change your life. The principle is that we can consciously choose not to suffer whatever our situation, however hopeless we think it may be. So can being happy be as simple as waking up one morning and deciding to just be happy? Here’s a reminder of what Monty Python had to say on the issue.


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